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Biryani Pot was lovingly created by wife and husband duo Shalini and Akshay Dosaj to delight guests with fresh, fun and delicious food that feeds the soul.

From the bustling street markets of India to the largest metropolises of the world, the humble biryani is globally loved. Biryani connects people from all walks of life and has become a staple diet for many nationalities.

All our biryanis are freshly prepared to order and served in our signature clay pots. Alongside biryani we also serve delicious curries, tandoori grills, wraps, salads and a selection of small bites and desserts.

We believe in continuous creativity so keep a look out for our monthly new dishes, launched for a limited time only.

800 – BPOT

Operating hours

11am to 11pm (Sat – Wed)
11am to 12am (Thu – Fri)